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Ultra Cut Program

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From: Dennis Heenan

Dear Friends,

If everyone could just take a “magic pill” or strap on an ab belt and become fit, we would have one very in-shape and healthy nation…

The problem is, things are not quite that easy… BUT they are very simple!

Let me explain…

Losing body fat and trading it in for the lean muscle we all want, is not all that complicated. The problem, however, is that you have never been given the right information and workouts about HOW you can attain this healthy, lean look. Well, today I have the answer to all your health and fitness problems that will help you get and stay Ultra Cut for life.

When first starting out on my own fitness journey, I really had no idea where to start. I have been an athlete my whole life so I knew a little bit about working out. However, after a few bad experiences in the weight room throughout high school, I was really intimidated to even think about stepping into the weight room when I got to college. Fortunate enough for me, I had experienced two collapsed lunges just before graduating high school (fun, I know) and was told I could not lift weights for at least 3 months.

Now this was completely fine by me as I didn’t want to lift weights anyways. I was trying to prepare to play my first season of collegiate basketball and the last thing I wanted to do was mess up my jump shot by lifting weights (a complete myth by the way). So that summer I spent the months working out on the court and doing some bodyweight conditioning to get stronger.

I saw some results that summer, but nothing to come home bragging about. When school got started, I was still unable to lift because of my surgery and by the time I got permission to lift, the season had started and I was in the clear to not have to step into the weight room.

At the start of my freshman season I weighed in at a whopping 165 pounds… Oh yea, and I stood at 6’6″! So you can imagine how much of a beating I took on the court that year by guys who did spend time in the weight room and were much stronger than I was.

After my freshman season ended, I knew it was time to get serious about hitting the weights (as much as I didn’t want to.) The problem was I had no clue where to start. My coach had told me I needed to put on 25 pounds by the start of my Sophomore season… Quite the daunting task for someone with very little experience in the weight room.

And so it started…

The first place I turned was to my good friend and strength coach Levi. At the time, Levi stood at a rock solid 220 pounds and was a beast in the weight room. He was lean, strong, had a ripped six pack, and muscles everyone wanted. I wanted to look like him!

Throughout that summer, we went through some crazy workouts in order to help get me to be where I needed to be by the next season. It was during this time that I also started researching on my own to find answers on how to get strong, lean, and ultra cut. I realized how much garbage was (and still is) out there in the fitness industry. When you start getting results from the things you are doing, you start to notice what works and what is a complete waste of time.

From the very first workout that summer, I knew I was doing things right and some serious results were about to follow. After that summer, I didnt just put on 25 pound as my coach asked…

I put on 30 pounds of lean muscle while eliminating fat!

I was shocked to say the least, as was everyone else when returning to school that next year. Now the reason I tell you this story is to show you that when you have the right information and the right workouts, anything is possible.

Since the time of my own transformation, I have been writing workout plans and have engaged in many different workouts.

It was not until I went through the workouts on the Ultra Cut program that I knew I was on to something revolutionary!

The combination of strength training and high intensity circuits are something not to be reckoned with. By strategically placing high intensity circuits into the strength training of the Ultra Cut workouts, you will find that adding strength, lean muscle, and eliminating fat is easier than ever. From the very first workout you go through, you will know that some serious results are about to follow.

When I began putting the Ultra Cut program together, I wanted to find an extremely simple (I didn’t say easy!) way that you could build and maintain lean muscle all while burning tons of fat in the process. With the Ultra Cut program, you will get it ALL!

I will warn you now, the Ultra Cut workouts are not easy. It will require you to focus for the full time you are in the gym and they will force you to push your body to the limit. There will be no watching TV, no talking between sets, and no long breaks at the water fountain. The goal of these workouts is to get you ultra cut, and to make that happen, 100% focus is required.

Now, because the workouts on this program are so incredible, I could stop there and leave you with just that… But that’s not how I roll. If you do not know this already, nutrition is a HUGE part of every serious fitness plan when trying to get fit.

That is why you will be receiving the Ultra Cut Nutrition guide to go along with the workouts. This is the most simple eating plan you will ever get your hands on and it works every single time when applied!

Plus, you can eat all the foods you love each week… including pizza, donuts, and candy. The Ultra Cut Nutrition Plan is a set of simple guidelines to follow and will show you exactly how you should eat when trying to get Ultra Cut. This plan was designed to get you healthy and Ultra Cut starting with the very first meal!

There will be no counting calories, weighing food, or starving yourself while on this plan. In fact, you will get to eat when you are hungry and until you are satisfied, and get to enjoy ALL the foods you love each week. I can promise you, you are going to LOVE this Nutrition Plan!

With the combination of workouts and nutrition plan on this program, you will start seeing results by the end of phase one (only 21 days!) and you will be feeling better than you ever have before.

In order to get Ultra Cut, the proper workouts and nutrition must go hand in hand!

Since going through my very first workout program, there has been tons of research and testing on my part in order to figure out the best ways to get the fastest results… Well I am happy to say that I have found that answer in the Ultra Cut program. 

Here is a LITTLE of what you will discover on the Ultra Cut program…

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  • Discover how you can finally become Ultra Cut starting with the very first workout
  • How you can ensure you are getting stronger each workout so results continue to come
  • How to obtain round the clock fat burn, even while you sleep
  • Simplified nutrition plan that will help you feel a difference starting with the very first meal
  • Learn the secrets of how to really get the six-pack abs you have always wanted
  • How to cut out long slow cardio and replace it with quite possibly the most powerful exercise on the planet
  • Discover how to exploit your body to turn it into the ultimate fat burning machine
  • Find out the power of properly timing your circuit training to help boost results immediately
  • Discover how you can eat donuts, pizza, cookies, and ice cream and still burn tons of fat
  • See how you can start burning fat from the very first minute of your first workout
  • And much much more…



In creating the Ultra Cut program, I really wanted to go all out. The reason for this was simple: I want YOU to get results and to get Ultra Cut! No matter where you are at in your fitness journey, whether 6’6″ and 165 pounds or overweight and out of shape; you will get the results you are looking for on this program! I will show you exactly how to cater the program to fit your needs with everything that will be provided.

I would now like to introduce you to the Ultra Cut program and everything you will be getting!

Here is what you will get:

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The Complete 8-Component

Ultra Cut Program

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Component 1: Ultra Cut Workouts, Phase One

($47 Value) – Phase one of the Ultra Cut program will challenge you from day one. The workouts were designed to put you on the fast track to getting ultra cut. Each workout builds upon the last ensuring that you are getting stronger each time you hit the gym. No matter what fitness level, the workouts in Phase One can be done by beginners or advanced workers. You will get the jumpstart you need to ensure you are prepared to take on the rest of the Ultra Cut program!

Component 2: Ultra Cut Workouts, Phase Two

($47 Value) -Phase two of the Ultra Cut program will consist of a continued mixture of strength and circuit training workouts, that will slowly help you transition into phase three. You will find more challenging workouts in phase two to ensure you continue burning unwanted fat while replacing it with lean muscle.

Component 3: Ultra Cut Workouts, Phase Three

($47 Value) – Phase three of the Ultra Cut program will be focused on gaining strength, and lots of it. Each workout during phase three will be focused on getting stronger. Phase three will help you to understand that the more lean muscle you have, the less fat you will have. This phase will also incorporate some earth shattering finisher workouts, so be warned!

Component 4: Ultra Cut Workouts, Phase Four

($47 Value) – The final phase of the Ultra Cut program has some of the most challenging workouts that you will ever see. This is the true mixture of strength training and circuit training all mixed into each workout session. After going through the previous three phases, your body will be prepared to take on the final phase of the Ultra Cut program. This final phase was designed to obliterate unwanted fat while maintaining all the lean muscle you worked so hard to put on. This phase alone will be worth every penny spent!

Component 5: Ultra Cut Nutrition Guide

($97 Value) – As you have read, nutrition is HUGE when it comes to getting Ultra Cut. In fact, it is the biggest part of any good fitness program. That is why I have put together a simple, yet very powerful nutrition plan for you to follow. This step by step guide was designed to fit your lifestyle and make eating healthy incredibly easy.

Component 6: Ultra Cut Sprinting Guide

($47 Value) – Sprints are one of the best exercises and workouts you can do when trying to get ultra cut. That is why you will be receiving a full sprinting guide filled with tons of information and workouts for you to go through. Sprints are one of the best, most time efficient workouts you can do and in this guide I will show you everything you need to know about maximizing your sprint workouts!

Component 7: Ultra Cut Quick Start Guide

($27 Value) – Starting anything new can be very intimidating. For that reason, I have put together a Quick Start Guide in order to help you be fully prepared when starting the Ultra Cut program. Everything you need to know about how to get started is included in this guide. I will show beginners and advanced workers how they can cater the program to meet their needs. This guide is the perfect way to start the Ultra Cut program!

Component 8: Ultra Cut Moving Forward

($27 Value) – Many times when finishing a program you are left thinking, “Now what?” That will not happen at the end of the Ultra Cut program. In this guide I will show you everything you need to know about moving forward once you have finished the program. This includes exactly how you can simply and easily stay strong, healthy, and lean for life!


With your order today you will receive ALL 8 Components of the Ultra Cut Program!

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You have a decision to make: 

You can either keep doing what you are doing and continually be frustrated with the results you are getting…


You can give the Ultra Cut program a try where I GUARANTEE your results! See, because I am so confident in the Ultra Cut system and I know that you will absolutely love the results you get, I am willing to offer you my 60-Day Money Back Guarantee if you find that the program is not for you. There will be no questions asked, just a return on your money if for whatever reason the program is not for you!

[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]

I am so confident that this program is going to bring you amazing results that I want to offer it to you risk free:

If you decide to sign up for the Ultra Cut system, I will let you “test drive” the program for a full 60 days. Go through the workouts, read all the material, and start applying what the system calls for.

I guarantee you will be satisfied with the results this program brings you! But if you aren’t- you can return the program at any time, no hassle no questions asked. I will return every dollar spent…

Test Drive the program and if it is not the solution I am promising it to be, you pay nothing!


Grab the Ultra Cut System today for $97!

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Click HERE to Add to Cart!

If you are still not convinced, I would like to offer you one last thing…

If you still feel the the entire 8 Component Ultra Cut Program and the 60-Day Ironclad Money Back Guarantee isn’t enough, here is what I have for you:

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Ultra Cut Bonuses

Bonus 1: Ultra Cut Email Coaching Program

($97 Value) – With your purchase today, you will receive FREE 1-on-1, unlimited email coaching with me as you go throughout the Ultra Cut program. This means that any time questions come up, you can just shoot me an email and I will return with a personalized answer just for you. This is full access to me and my brain. I am offering this to you so that you know I am willing to work my butt off to make this program work for you. 

Plus, if you are struggling with an injury or need to make some alterations to the program for whatever reason, I can help you customize a plan that will better fit your needs.

And finally, as you go through the program I will be there every step of the way adding encouragement to ensure that you are staying strong to the workouts and nutrition plan. Consistency is the key to getting healthy and in order for you to see results, you must stay consistent. I will be there to ensure that happens!

Bonus 2: BodyFit Formula’s eQuick Meal Plan

($17 Value) – The time that this guide will save you each week is worth far more than its price tag. In this guide, I show you how to cook ALL your healthy meals for the week in less than 90 minutes. This step-by-step guide makes eating healthy incredibly easy, and will save you from all the tempting foods that may be around you. This guide saves you from cooking every night and will save you tons of money each week! You will discover the money saving techniques that I have used to cut my meal costs down to $2.75 per meal. Not bad when getting Ultra Cut.

Bonus 3: Grocery Lists 

($11 Value) – Shopping for healthy foods can be difficult when first starting out. To make things easy I have created grocery lists for you that can be easily printed off and taken to the store each week. These lists will help save you tons of money and time. These are the exact grocery lists I bring to the store with me each week. So simple, yet so effective.

Bonus 4: Nutrition Calendar 

($11 Value) – One of the best ways to stay on track with your eating is to know exactly what you should be eating that day. The purpose of your nutrition calendar is to keep you on track to ensure you are eating the foods you are supposed to be eating. This simple layout is highly effective and will keep you focused on getting serious results!


Yes, I am ready! And Include my Bonuses!

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With your purchase today, you will receive everything you see below…

For just:

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Click HERE to Add to Cart With Bonuses!


This is on you…

The truth is, you can get in shape on your own without the Ultra Cut program. There are plenty of ways to get fit, but most of them do not guarantee your results. With all that you are receiving with your purchase, you will have every question you have ever had about getting fit answered. No more wondering what your next workout is going to be or what foods you should be eating on certain days. The answers are all laid out right there for you.

Think about this for a second: If you were to workout with just any ol’ trainer twice per week, for the duration of the Ultra Cut program, you would pay at minimum 75$ per session. So by the end of the fourth phase of the Ultra Cut program, you would have paid at least $1,800 for that training! And the worst part about that is, your results are not guaranteed…

The price you would pay is over TEN times what you pay for the Ultra Cut program…

And as you know, there is ZERO risk to you because of the my Iron Clad 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

With everything you are receiving today, including all 8-Components and your Free Bonuses, the price tag is worth over $520 and you are getting it for far less than half of that! You will get everything you see on this page for just $97! And it is all risk free, guaranteeing your results…


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Then it is all FREE!

I am so confident in the fact the the Ultra Cut program is going to bring you all the results you want, that I am offering you the entire program and bonuses absolutely risk free. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply request a refund and I will return every penny no questions asked. The reason I am doing this, is I want you to experience how well this program works and the results it brings in just weeks!

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Now don’t get me wrong, this program is not for everyone. The Ultra Cut program takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. If you are willing to do those three things, then your next step is to take action and get going on the Ultra Cut program. By doing this, some serious results await you…

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Click HERE to Add to Cart!

I cannot wait for you to get started on your journey to getting Ultra Cut and to start seeing the results you deserve. I challenge you to take action, get started, and never give up until you have reached your desired goals. The road may be challenging, but the end results are worth it…

To getting you healthy and Ultra Cut,


Dennis Heenan
Creator: Ultra Cut Training

P.S. Please keep in mind that you have my Iron Clad 60-Day money back guarantee to try the Ultra Cut program risk free. Within minutes, you have instant access to this cutting edge program to start transforming your body like never before. I am excited to hear from you within just weeks about how amazing your results are. Try the Ultra Cut program RISK FREE today!

P.P.S. By taking advantage today, you will receive all 8-Components PLUS the free Bonus Materials. Do not let this offer pass you by…

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Click HERE to Add to Cart!


Still Have Questions? See if I can answer them below:

Q: What is the Ultra Cut program and why does it work so well?

The Ultra Cut program was designed with some of the best workouts that you will ever go through. The workouts on this program take fat burning and lean muscle gaining to a whole new level. With the combination of strength training mixed with some high intensity circuits, you allow your body to burn fat and replace it with lean muscle simultaneously.

Plus, the Ultra Cut program includes an incredibly simple yet incredibly powerful eating system that will sky rocket your results in and out of the gym. Everything in the Ultra Cut program was strategically placed for rapid results.

Q: I am a beginner, can I still use the program?

Of course! Included within the program, are different ways that you can make the workouts more or less challenging. Although this is a very tough program, beginners will still find it very beneficial as I will show you exactly what to do when first starting out.

Q: Will I have to starve myself on this program?

Absolutely not. I love food just as much as the next person so the last thing I would ever want to do is restrict someone from eating the foods they love. I have placed cheat days throughout the program where you can literally eat anything that you want. I am being serious. Just this past week on my cheat day, I had pancakes, an extra large pizza, a dark chocolate mocha, and tons of candy. And the best part was, I still burned fat! I will show you how you can do the exact same thing on the Ultra Cut program.

Q: I want to start the program right now, will I have to wait for all of this to ship to me before I get started?

No! The entire program and free bonuses will be immediately available to you via download after your purchase. No shipping fees or waiting around to start the program! It is delivered instantly.

Q: What if I have a lot of weight to lose? 

Whether you are in great shape, or are just starting out, the Ultra Cut program is designed to bring you amazing results. Each of the workouts can be easily catered to fit anyones fitness level so no matter where you are at currently, this program will challenge you.

Q: Is this program for men, women or both? Will it work faster for a certain gender?

Both! And no, getting in shape works across the board. No discrimination when it comes to fat loss and muscle gain. It is all about dedicating yourself to getting results and following the plan.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

Then it is FREE!

If you follow the steps in the Ultra Cut program, do exactly what it says and follow the outline, and for ANY reason you are not satisfied, just email me and I will refund your money. Simple as that!

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 Click HERE to Add to Cart!

NOTE: Ultra Cut is an e-series that is completely downloadable. Nothing will be physically shipped. After your order, you will get instant access to the product components to download on to your computer. The format for all manuals, reports, checklists, etc. is Adobe Acrobat PDF. It is compatible with Mac and PC!